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Information might be readily available. Knowledge might require a little more effort. But there is no shortcut to experience and experience is a crucial part of what I offer. After 5 years of chiropractic marketing for HUNDREDS of chiropractors across the country, I am one of the most qualified people in chiropractic to tell you how to get new patients online. Online chiropractic marketing has come a long way over the years, but not all chiropractic marketers have kept up with it.  Instead of generating patients, a lot of companies wind up generating confusion with unclear communication strategies and outdated techniques. The internet is continually reinventing itself, and so to fall behind is to miss out on opportunities that can often do wonders for your practice. What was effective on websites yesterday will not be as effective on websites today and might be detrimental to websites tomorrow.

Chiropractic Marketing  Here are some things your website needs to be  Chiropractic Marketing
in order to generate business today:

Chiropractic Conversion Optimized:

graphYour website isn’t there to just tell visitors about your services, it’s there to turn visitors into patients. Conversion Optimization is when the site is set up to make a higher percentage of visitors take the desired action. You want people within a certain radius of your practice to visit your site when they are searching for a service that you deliver.  You then want them to reach out to you for those services, typically by phone or by filling out a form on your site.

Most websites only see conversion rates of less than 1% of traffic, but our sites enjoy a much higher rate, and our strategies are a reason for that.

Video Marketing Optimized:

video-iconIf a patient has made the effort to find their way to your website, it’s important to reward them by at least making the information as accessible as possible. Overwhelming your visitors with text and forcing them to wade through it to find what they’re looking for will make them search elsewhere. Not good for your conversion rate. This is why video optimization is important. Instead of just offering information, it’s necessary to actually deliver it; and video is a very effective way of doing that.

There are other considerations of course. Video content that takes forever to load isn’t really optimized at all. In fact, it’s missing the ‘PLAY’ button. Auto play, a nice design and in-search results are also effective options for making things more pleasant for potential patients. Your patients are, after all, looking for relief.

Search Engine Optimized:

SEOYes, Search Engine Optimization is about showing up in search engines. That part was easy enough to figure out. But what does that actually mean today. Typing almost anything will eventually show up in a search engine, but it’s the ‘eventually’ part that we don’t want. SEO is therefore a very relative thing, and hence very technical and something that requires know-how. Good content, a properly designed and up-to-date site and relevant links to your site are among the things you need to beef-up your SEO and let people know you’re out there.

Google Local Optimized:

google-mapsIt might be flattering to find out that someone in Australia is really impressed with the services you offer, but from a business perspective it’s also useless. Conversely, it’s a lost opportunity when the person living in the building next to you needs a chiropractor but doesn’t know you exist. That’s what Google Local is there for. Google Local is an extension of Search Engine Optimization and an important part of it. Remember, people are looking for a chiropractor; they’re not necessarily looking for you. In today’s chiropractic marketing you must consider Google Local, Google Plus, Google Maps because they are all means of showing up exactly where you’re supposed to. Your Google Map listing, your website and local listings across the web and other considerations are also important for achieving your marketing objectives.

Chiropractic Referral Marketing Optimized:

According to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals.

Chiropractic ReferralsWhen you divide your marketing into online, print, referrals, etc, you miss capitalizing on this very significant statistic. What’s more, think how much more effective referrals would be if you made the referral process easier. Using and integrating different marketing mediums to target people will increase your chances of converting them into patients. Our sites are built to include patient referrals through review sharing techniques; and that of course pours into conversion optimization, something we’ve already discussed.

Mobile Marketing Optimized:

mobile-sitesThe percentage of searches done for local businesses on mobile devices – like smart phones and tablets – is increasing exponentially every year with no signs of slowing down.  A lot of sites are not set up to show mobile users what they want to see.  Details can be great, but not when you’re on the move. Most people do not want to spend lots of time reading on a small screen either, so you want to reduce the info and get straight to the point. Typically, people want your phone number, directions and a little incentive to call now.  Keep it that short.  They will call you because of it. 

Chiropractic Landing Page Optimized:

landing-pagesIn their efforts to impress visitors, a lot of companies only wind up confusing them with all the gimmicks, gadgets and ‘clever’ little effects they stuff their websites with.

Tactics are one thing, tackiness is another. While a simple, clean website is absolutely necessary for the right results, a landing page on that site is also an important way of keeping things simple for your visitors.

Alright, so what’s a landing page? It ‘s a page that offers very little data, very little or no options to go to other pages, but gives just enough info and a call to action. A call to action can be ‘fill out this form’ or ‘call our office at…’. Think of it as the page where you ‘land’ new patients. In other words this is where people make that all-important transition from visitor to caller and perhaps to patient. Remember conversion optimization? Well, this is another faucet of that and so it’s yet another direct means of generating business. You can have a landing page for every symptom, condition or treatment that you offer or address.


With our chiropractic marketing strategies we routinely get 300+% ROI’s for our clients; with the information in this report, I am giving you these strategies for FREE.


  • Google changes their algorithm on average 500 times per year. What does that mean for you?
  • Social networks come and go and change every day. How do you keep up?
  • Google Maps changes have literally wiped chiropractors off the map as if they never existed. How do you cope?
  • Reviews – how do you get good ones, get rid of bad ones, respond to them, and what sites should you get them on?
  • What do you Blog about?
  • How do you keep up with email follow ups?
  • How do you get existing patients to tell their friends to go to your site?
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising: On what sites, or search engines? How much do you bid? How do you write ads?

There are more moving parts in internet marketing then there are in a performance automobile.

You’re not going to develop your business if you can’t focus on it, and you’re not going to focus on it if you constantly need to keep yourself aware of all these frequent and intricate changes. You’ve got enough to keep up with.

Your patient, cousin, staff member or brother’s friend down the street may all genuinely want to help, but that doesn’t mean they can. You wouldn’t recommend someone who wasn’t professional in your industry, we wouldn’t do the same in ours.

OK. So these are some of the things I would advise you to do. But before wrapping up, there’s one thing I’d like to advise you against. Imitations. Or more specifically, companies that attempt to imitate what we do but fall very short of the mark. Like any imitation, the programs these companies employ only look good at a superficial level, but because they have no substance to them, they fall apart and do nothing to further businesses. Keeping abreast with trends and developments is something that requires continual effort; so too does taking care of a client’s website. Not everyone is prepared to make that effort, and businesses suffer accordingly leaving behind disgruntled and disillusioned clients who, failing to see the ROI they had hoped for, might lose faith in the idea of online marketing altogether.

In the land of the blind the one eye man is King. – Desiderius Erasmus’

Staying in the dark with regards to chiropractic marketing on the internet will only get you sold on programs that “sound good” but do nothing. You’ll only make the right decisions if you take the time to learn about what’s going on. Making positive changes to your business means you can make positive changes to your community.

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