Chiropractic Advertising Does it Work?


Unfortunately we live in a world where there are poeple out to rip off the unsuspecting prospective buyer that is looking for help.

Yes I do mean rip off.  Some will say oh they are so nice or there must be a misunderstanding.  But just look at it the way it is.

Their product is either good and works and they know it.. Or.. their product is junk doesn’t really work and THEY STILL KNOW IT!


I talk to so many nice doctors that really need help and they have signed this or that really one-sided contract that gets no results.

So I challange all companies out there in the chiropractic advertising, chiropractic pr, chiropractic marketing or chiropractic website arena:

What do you gaurantee as results for your clients?

Anyone that has used one of these above mentioned companies out there feel free to leave a comment and warning to others about their results or your experiences.

Matt Prados

Internet Marketer for Chiropractors