I would like to Apologize for the internet marketing industry

Original article on Chiropractic Marketing Industry written in September of 2011 and updated 5-13-2014, Updates in BOLD That is a strange title, right?  Yes, it is but it is true. We have talked to so many chiropractors, we have gotten a TON of feedback on our industry. So many times we hear, “This company says they do everything you do, for less.” We also work within the industry and do partner with some companies from time to time to try to create alliances and help our clients get more leads. We interview and sometimes pay other companies. I have worked with a number of them personally: Yelp, Signpost, Yext, Citysearch and Patch to name a few. I get asked all the time, what do I think about this company, or that company? Now, I never like to bad mouth any company, so I usually dance around those questions. But I am going to air out the dirty laundry right now, to set the record straight on a few bad apples. First, if a chiropractic marketing company has been around longer than I have, don’t you think the “we do everything they do” is an IDIOT’S answer? If you are older and more established, you should be ahead of me in the game! Instead, you are playing catch up, making your sites look more like mine, adding features we brought out first. Now that I have been around for a while its funny because I have the “new” companies now saying the “we do everything they do for LESS” deal too.  And what is interesting is as a new company you have certain challenges you typically can do better as a small company but then you scale big and do you lose touch with quality?  I will admit we scaled very fast and had a number of bumps, I actually all but stopped selling to get things under control then BOOM google updates starting coming and the ENTIRE SEO game changed.  Another problem with scaling as seo work has really been brought back to the UNITED STATES.  Most all seo companies were using oversees workers or automated software to do their SEO.  That no longer works long term and you have to use high quality staff to do this work.  Think about it can you really pay $50 or $100 for much quality work each month in any volume?  Companies that compete on price will be short lived as their customers will, I REPEAT WILL get google slapped and hurt and eventually level that company. Note: when someone copies something, it may look on the outside that they are doing what the original is doing, but for a serious lack of understanding on why things are done, they are getting it WAY WRONG! Also, I have call tracking on all our clients sites, so I get to listen to real sales calls that my clients from my so-called competitors. Yoodle has a rep named Sara.  She is a complete LIAR.  I have called her […]

Answering Services Suck

Man, I can’t tell you how many times we listen to calls and hear answering services…that just ABSOLUTELY suck!!! The staff hired for these companies do not care about you, your patients or anything other than clock in, clock out. They get off the phone as fast as possible, (probably to get back to gossiping with the other call room staff). The last 2 chunks of calls I listened to had the answering service losing 40% of the NEW PATIENT calls to “Never Call Back Land” which is a terrible place to go. New Patients want to ask the staff questions. When the answering service can’t answer those questions, they hang up and call another Doctor. Think about it…what does 1 new patient bring to your office in collections? $1k, $2k, or more? Well how much are you losing if you lose 1, 2, 3 or more new patients per month or per week even? That is literally between $50,000 and $100,000 or more per year! Sadly the last doctor I talked to that had the following issues: 1. Never listened to her calls. 2. Was having money issues. (or lack there of) 3. Was making more bad decisions by NOT using real data. (which caused #2) Guys, you have to record your calls, your real life data, stats, etc. and review everything. Then you have to act correctly on this data to win at the game of business. Cutting ones budget to save a few hundred dollars, only to lose thousands or tens of thousands of dollars down the line is about the dumbest thing a business person can do. Hiring an answering service is on the TOP 5. Get a cell phone. Give it to a staff member, forward them your calls after hours. Bonus them for New Patients Scheduled After Hours. This solution will cost you less than the answering service when there are no calls, and will make you WAY more money when there are calls because your staff member will want the BONUS and you won’t be losing patients! Capitalize on your efforts and maximize your returns. Best of luck, Matt Prados

Google 7 Pack Is Dead!

I warned that this was coming. I did an hour long webinar two weeks ago and told everyone that this would happen. And now here it is. Google 7 Pack while still in smaller areas is being test by Google down to a 3 to 4 pack RIGHT NOW! Here is the 7 pack: Here is the 3 Pack: Here is another example: Now, it is obvious, that if you want your reviews to count and you want the clicks you have to get that map listing optimized properly. If you want to view my training from a few weeks ago log in to our free members area at www.ChiropracticTraffic.com/members right away! Get Optimized! Get New Patients that Pay, Stay and Refer! Matt Prados CEO ChiroTraffic

Do Customers Tell More People The Good Or The Bad?

A recent study done by American Express Global Customer Service Barometer showed that the average number of people that a customer will tell a good customer service experience to is 9. While the average number of people that they will tell a bad customer service expereince to is 16!  Nearly DOUBLE. So customer service is as much of a defensive marketing move, to NOT get someone upset with you, as it is an offensive one to get referrals. Hope that gets you thinking about your customer service experience. Too many chiropractors have receptionist that they throw in that seat and do not train them properly. Those staff may be good, but trained is so much more than just “good”.  Untrained staff are costing you tons of patients and thousands in profits. Matt Prados CEO ChiroTraffic

How to prosper in a down economy with chiropractic marketing

Dan Kennedy is one of my mentors.  He runs the mastermind group that I am a part of.  I belong to it because it helps me to achieve my goals.                         (Do you have a mastermind group?) Dan Kennedy talks about separating yourself from the noise. Well man, in chiropractic, there is A LOT of noise, because there are a lot of chiropractors that do the SAME exact thing and sadly, very few that stand out. Do you follow the herd, or lead the profession into new and better ways to do things? After 3 years of marketing chirotraffic to the profession, there are loads of people that know me. Many vendors in the industry that are not a direct competitor, have told me that we are the best. We are lightyears ahead and will remain so.  “I am the CHAMP!” -Muhammad Ali Some love me, some like me and some that absolutely hate me.  And I love that! Why?  Because my entire life I promised myself that I would not be that cookie cutter that regurgitates what everyone else says. So my challenge to you is, do you stand out from the noise? Do you make a difference? Are you a game changer? The world needs more of them.  They are not born, they simply step up and make themselves. Here is to you standing out from the noise. Matt Prados CEO ChiroTraffic

New Years Resolutions and Chiropractic Marketing

Almost 2 weeks into the new year and most people have given up on their new years resolutions. Ask any coach in chiropractic and their biggest beef is clients’ lack of follow through. I hope I am “preaching to the choir” here, but chances are, I am not. So I wanted to drop this friendly reminder to NOT slip back into your habits and routines. Have a list of items to do that will result in achievement of your goals.  Work them every day. No matter the goals: be it lose weight, make more money or be more successful, or whatever. If it is to be, it is up to ______  (original author unknown). No matter what your goals are in the office, they have to include more new patients. Which means better or more efficient marketing. Make sure to join our teleseminars/webinars for tips and tricks to improve your chiropractic marketing game. Today more than ever, and even more into the future, the internet IS the gateway for marketing chiropractic to new patients. Get more patients to pay, stay and refer! Matt Prados CEO ChiroTraffic

Experience Marketing

I am forever a student of marketing.  Dan Kennedy is one of the longest running gurus of direct sales and marketing ideas. In his book, Marketing to the Affluent he talks at length about the pay for the experience. What is the experience of first class, instead of coach on airplanes.  Or better yet private, chartered planes? What is the experience of a $5 Starbucks coffee vs. a $.99 AM/PM coffee? What is the experience of a 5 star hotel over a motel? A luxury car vs. a clunker? You get the point? Now ask yourself what’s the experience a patient has at your office. Which is it, a great “affluent” experience or an “economy” experience. Do you complain that you attract too many affluent people that like to throw money at you or not a good enough quality lead? Up your customer experience and attract the highest quality patient. Here is to your most AFFLUENT year ever in 2012! Matt Prados CEO ChiroTraffic

Happy New Year

We are celebrating 3 great years in business, many more years at the drawing board of course. Each year I take a few minutes to reflect on the prior year and more importantly look forward to the next year. If you do not know where you are going, it does not matter how fast you go, you will never get there. Make some goals.  Have some direction. To help you get wherever you want to go, we will be hosting 2 live teleseminars and/or webinars each month. They will be on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 10am PST or 1pm EST. One will be on internet marketing and one will be a guest speaker. We have a great line up forming on topics from direct mail, to call tracking with staff training, to neuropathy marketing and more. Keep your eye out for these invites. Have a safe and happy new year!  We will see you on the other side. Matt Prados CEO ChiroTraffic