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SEOThere are many ways to build websites. We are the only company building both search engine optimization and CONVERSION optimized sites.  What does this mean you get traffic and that traffic TAKES action.  They call you or submit a lead capture form.  Many Chiropractors have 100 visits to their site before they get 1 call. That is a poorly designed website that is wasting 99% of its traffic.

Chiropractic Google Pay Per Click Advertising

certified-partnerThis is the fastest form of chiropractic marketing. We are experts on how to use this form of marketing in order to maximize traffic and minimize cost.

Conversion Optimization

graphThis is the art and science of getting website visitors to become real office patients.  A typical chiropractic website converts less than 1% of its visitors to take an action like fill out a form or call the office.  So you can waste tons of money on SEO or Pay-Per-Click advertising with the wrong website that does not convert or you can get a website that does convert and you can WIN big!

Google Local Optimization

google-mapsGoogle Maps, Google Places, Google+ Local, depending on what day of the week it is, is the dominate search engine’s way of focusing on searches with local intent.  So people in a certain area searching so something that one would only want to see results in a small area around them.  Chiropractors typically pull from a 5-10 mile radius depending on the size of your market so you definitely MUST focus on local search traffic.  We focus on getting you to rank in Google maps to get that exact targeted traffic.

Video Optimization

video-iconToday people, especially people in PAIN, do not want to have to think much to get things accomplished.  Video is a great, very easy, way to communicate to them in a rapid fashion to give them the data they want that will make them take action to call you.  And having your site show video images in the search result is also a great way to get additional traffic because people are more likely to click on that search result.

Symptom Specific Or Treatment Specific Landing Pages

landing-pagesOut of the box we give you 9 very targeted symptom specific landing pages focusing on Chiropractic, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Auto Accidents, Work Injuries, Pinched Nerve and Disc Pain.  But you can provide content to add an unlimited number of symptom or treatment specific landing pages at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Mobile Friendly Sites

mobile-sitesToday the number of searches for local business on mobile devises (smart phones or tablets) is skyrocketing and will continue to do this.  So you must have a site that can tell the difference between a desktop computer and a mobile computer and show the correct version of your site to the correct type of user.  mobile users typically want way less info.  They want a reason to take action now, the phone or map functionality so they can take that action and that is it typically.

Chiropractic Blogging

Chiropractic Marketing and BloggingBlogging is a crucial part of Web 2.0. There are very specific things that make the difference between a good blog and a bad blog. It is not enough to have a blog, you must do it right. We will show you the right way to do it and we will ensure that you do it properly.

Chiropractic Directory Listings Directory ListingsWe get you exposure in dozens of local chiropractic directories to help send more traffic to your site from people in your area.

Local Directory Listings

magnifyingWe get you listed on literally hundreds of local directories that are frequented by prospective patients and because we get you listed and in and ranking high in through a complete and optimized listing.

Chiropractic Lead automated follow up

Chiropractic Lead Follow UpOnce you have an expertly designed chiropractic website that creates leads for you, now what?  Your staff may call 1 or 2 times but if they do not reach them with those 1 or 2 calls the lead is almost always lost for ever.  We have automated your follow up with 8 pre-written emails that are send in various increments of time.  These are fully customizable or good right out of the box.

Chiropractic Referrals

Chiropractic ReferralsDid you know that you can use your chiropractic website and all our services to help create referrals? We will show you how to do this with ease using our proprietary Rate Us tool you can get patients to leave you reviews right on your website.  These reviews can never be taken away by Google or Yelp and they can be shared easily by patients to the patients favorite social media site.

Chiropractic Marketing Training Center

Chiropractic Marketing Training CentreWith all our years experience we know all the barriers where chiropractic marketing can break down.  While we are not a consulting company we do provide training in our members only area to help you get the most out of you marketing efforts.

Chiropractic Social Networking

Chiropractic Marketing and Social MediaThis is the hottest form of chiropractic marketing and it is FREE!  We are experts on the hottest sites and how to use them to their fullest.  We create profiles for you on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other sites.  We will set these up so they are continuously updated with fresh content and videos.  Social proof is becoming more and more important.  If you don’t do this now you will be left behind.

Chiropractic Marketing Support Center

Chiropractic Marketing Support CentreWe have support staff standing by to assist you in your marketing efforts.  They are completely trained in all aspects of this program and can help you achieve maximum results.

Is that ALL?

No.  We do behind the scenes work each and every week but just as the formula for Coca Cola isn’t on their site, you will not find ours here either.

Every other chiropractic website company out there is trying to keep up with us adding our features cutting there prices etc because we are the best on the market.  And well I am not about to give them the key to this Mercedes.

So that is all I am going to tell you here.  You can visit my blog if you are interested in more data on possible things we do you can search there.

Guaranteed results.

Do you really need to know how?  Do you tell patients exactly how you handle their subluxation how that effects the nervous system and why their muscles now work better?  No of course not because it took you YEARS of study to understand that yourself.

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