Google Places Local Marketing for Chiropractors

Ok the dust is settling for the moment if you can call it that.  If you have not yet listened to my teleseminar on Google PLaces you can do so here – we had great feedback from the listeners. Many took action and saw fast results. A few items that I want to go over again – you do not want multiple Google places pages for your 1 business.  Google considers it spam so do not do it. Google has over the years pulled data from all kinds of places and so many of you unknowingly have more than one google places page.  Search for the by using your address.  Claim them.  DELETE them. This way you have 1 listing that gets all the credit for that address from other sites listing that address.  This will help get more credibility from google and results in higher rankings. The other thing is get reviews.  LOTS of them.  I was talking to an office that has 150+ reviews.  They rank #1 for their major city which is one of the most competitive in the entire country.  They spend 30ish hours per week on doing their search engine optimization and get about 30 new patients per month from the internet. Now this is an extreme case study at the moment.  But what hits big cities always filters down to smaller areas as well.  So it is just a matter of time. The question is will you be way a head of the curve or playing catch up the whole time? The choice if yours -Will you win at your chiropractic marketing online? Matt Prados

Chiropractic Marketing or Not Marketing – Social Proof

I wanted to clear up something that is commonly misunderstood. You hear the term social proof a lot in internet marketing and Chiropractic marketing.. But what is it? Well it is simply that there is data existing and in this case online that shows that you are cool. With the rise of the beast of social media…

Chiropractic Marketing : Why video?

There are so many reason why you should use video on your website and Chiropractic marketing. The question isn’t if you should anymore. But if you are still a doubter… here are some stats and quotes on why: Brad Geddes one of only 2 people not employed by Google that Google has speak on their behalf about google adwords said in his book ” I work closely with Google to conduct the advanced sessions of the AdwordsSeminars for Success… he then went on to say.. while this shows for my test that video increases conversion rates.” Do you think he is qualified to tell you that video increased conversion rates?  I sure hope so.

Testimonials and endorsements, FTC changes the rules

THE BAD:  It is a sad day in the field of marketing.  Marketing as we know it is changing forever on December 1st 2009. Because of a few bad folks (isn’t it always) the FTC has come in and regulated what can be said in testimonials and endorsements AND what disclaimers must be then said clearly on the same page. Having extensively researched, consulted several attorneys and spent a boat load of money trying to create a safe way to have testimonials on each site the unfortunate conclusion is that each site would need its own disclaimers custom made based on the testimonials presented and then as new testimonials are made more disclaimers made.  Needlesss to say the cost on that would add up fast. THE GOOD: OK now onto the exciting part.  Video marketing DOES NOT STOP! NO we now simply need to focus on doctor videos.  And truthfully they are received better than testimonials were!  Examples of videos to do: Why I became a Chiropractor… Health Tips… IF you have done some do MORE!  Provide value.  Tell them what you can do for them.  Tell them to come into your office. Let’s get you more new patients! For the offical FTC rules and regulations click here DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVISE.  I DO MAKE MONEY WHEN PEOPLE BUY THIS SERVICE.  BLAH BLAH BLAH THANKS AGAIN FTC AND BIG BROTHER FOR GETTING ALL UP IN MY GRILL… Matt Prados Chiropractic Marketing Super Star